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Tool Kits Now Has Finished Models!

Our classic sail boats are fully finished! They are not kits. These handsome decorator models are all hand-made of wood, not plastic, with plank on bulkhead construction. The lacquer finish on each boat is hand rubbed to a glossy mirror-like finish. Each model includes an appropriate display stand, ready for your mantle, office, or wherever a touch of elegance is desired.

For ease in shipment, each fully completed hull is shipped with finished spars (masts, booms, bowsprits, etc.), sails, lines, and instructions. Easy assembly consists of placing the mast(s) into the hull and attaching lines and sails via "S" hooks into pad eyes. No cutting, no gluing, no knot-tieing, no painting, no varnishing, and no hassle! Average assembly time, even for the most complicated, is under 1 hour.

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